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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 11, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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a thriller granny. >> a 65-year-old granny rocks out to michael jackson's beat it on
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. what did they decide? >> the meeting just wrapped up in this building behind me and the board voted unanimously to lay off 111 teachers. take a look at this video. the number was 180 but it was reduced because of teacher retirement among other things. the layoffs go into effect next year for the 2011-2012 school year. the board says it had to layoff teachers because the state continues cutting education funding. at this point, the projected deficit is $11.9 million, but the deficit could increase or decrease depending on whether the governor announces more cuts in education this month. first, we'll hear from a concerned resident who opposes the teacher layoffs, then from
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a school board member and from the board presidency. >> i hope you can see your way through the globe and find some magic wand to come up with something -- with something to save these jobs. >> there are people who care very, very much about our students and services. cutting them was not the best circumstances. [ indiscernible ] >> regretfully, we are going to have to support this motion and these are people, these are people that have families. these are people that care for our children and our families and this is what we're forced to do as a school district. >> the board also approved $9.1 million in school improvements. this money was approved by voters through measure c. school board members say they can't use the funds to prevent
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teacher layoffs. they can only be used to make school improvements. reggie kumar. >> a 4-year-old boy is dead tonight after being run over by a member of his family. it happened just after noontime near santa rosa. police say the boy was riding a bicycle alongside his uncle's truck. police say the child then swerved into the truck's path and was severely injured. the glen ellen fire chief says rescues tried to save the child. >> we did everything we could to bring him around, but it didn't work. and the child did die. the father was very distraught as you would expect and the mother also. she was very strong, but when they pronounced her child dead, it was -- it was i think a little too much for her. >> police are still
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investigating the death, but they say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor. in bis bane, a man was killed after he pulled off on the shoulder of highway one. someone crashed into his car, tossing that man about 75 feet. a federal judge set no bail for a man suspected of trying to enter the cockpit of a plane on saturday. me appeared in court for the first time today. here is more about the suspect and the incident. >> reporter: he displayed little emotion in court. in an argument, the u.s. attorney says that the defendant yelled god is great in arabic several times during the incident, noting that the phrase has been linked with several other terrorist incidents, including the 9/11 terror attacks. the prosecutor said the defendant had no check or carry-
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on luggage. he had no keys or cellphone but did have an apple charger. investigators also found several pieces of identification on the suspect, including two new york learner's permits with different addresses and an expired california state i.d. he was carrying $47 in cash and had two checks, both postdated, one for $5,000 made out to cash and another in his name for 8,000-dollar. the details of who wrote the checks was not released. he was allegedly going to stay with his family who according to the prosecution did not know he was coming. kron4 news. >> we also talked with a former police officer who helped to restrain the suspect on that american airlines flight. he told us how he and other passengers took control of the situation. >> even with my earphones on, i heard a scream from behind me and i didn't know what that was, so as i turned, there was a person that was walking past
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three very rapidly. he broke into somewhat of a trot and started running and as he did, he yelled allah akbar. i immediately jumped up to pursue the individual. almost immediately there was a number of people up, and when i arrived, they were taking him to the ground. i decided to use a control hold on him. i took off my belt, which i used as a hobble, it's an old- style technique of attaching the person's cuffs to their feet cuffs and that way, we would make sure that he had no way of scaping. >> we talked with the suspect's family members today. they describe him as a regular guy and they don't believe that he had any harmful intentions. well, it has been quite breezy this evening and at this hour, still a little breezy in spots around the bay area.
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21 miles per hour sustained winds in fairfield right now, 16 in san francisco. these winds are all onshore coming from off the ocean moving towardsory inland valleys. so we're going to be seeing plenty of fog overnight. that's the reason the temperatures are still mainly in the low 50s at this hour but a little cooler down in redwood city and also in livermore, 49 degrees in both those locations. the fog is already spilling into the bay shores and it will make an inland push overnight. patchy, dense fog tomorrow morning. the fog will go back to the coastline by noon. mostly sunny skies for most of the bay area but the cool winds are going to cool it down bay area wide tomorrow. we'll take a look at the forecast, coming up i just a bit. we introduce you to a family whose home is valued at one third its original price. and we'll have highlights of t
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many bay area home-owners owe more than their homes are worth. the number of homes underwater is on the rise. we have team coverage tonight. we talked with a family which could be forced from their home. kate thompson breaks down the numbers. >> a new report shows the number of bay area homes that are underwater continues to climb. last year, about 22% of bay area homes were underwater. that has jumped to almost 26% this year. two counties have the most homes whose values have sunk below their mortgages. kate thompson, kron4 news. continuing with our big story, solano county is still the toughest real estate market in the bay area. nearly 59% of all the homes are underwater. this house was a perfect example of how the drop in home prices has hurt one family.
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when the patriarch of the family died in 2005, his wife refinanced the house to make some needed repairs but when hair payments ballooned, she was unable to keep making her payments. the family is trying to sell the house but it is listed at a fraction of what it was once worth. it was slightly warmer out there for the most part today. but we are going to see quite a bit of changes in our extended forecast, including a chance hey marcel, watch this!
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with 99 years of running, the beta breakers race is packed with history. one example, she was just 11 years old when she won the race then the next one, and then the next one. and now 37 years after her first win, boytano is back and she's still a contender. >> a jog around the track okay? >> reporter: at napa's high school, coach boytano blancher puts her runners through their paces. >> excellent. >> reporter: she has been running as long as she's been
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able to walk. in 1968, she was a 5-year-old challenger on the tv show what's my line? >> and mine was that i was the youngest ever to run a marathon. >> reporter: the same year, sports illustrated chose her as a face in the crowd for beating her parents and 500 either in the race from mill valley to sincen beach. she won that race with its 670 uphill steps. she faced another uphill battle with the beta breakers. >> we tried to run as a family but they wouldn't let us. >> reporter: although they were ready and willing, they were not able to compete. >> they said there is just no way. >> reporter: the 2nd grader had learned an important lesson about life and herself. >> it makes you a stronger person when somebody says no to you, you're ready to fight that much harder. i am definitely one of those fighters. >> reporter: three years before ms. magazine started urging
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women to empower themselves, the boytano women did just that. >> we put hats on. they couldn't tell which sex we were at all. we just went into the race and ran it. >> reporter: in 1970, they were back, joining a starting-line protest against the amateur athletic union. she says they told women that long distance running was bad for their health. >> you're female. you're going to have some consequences that are going to happen to your body. >> reporter: the battle raged across the boston. in boston, a woman was physically pushed off the marathon course. the next year, the a.a.u. relented. women were officially allowed to compete. in 1973, boytano won therace. >> it's the year i came in third. >> reporter: in 1974 at age 11, she became the youngest winner. her record time of 43 minutes and 22 seconds stood for six
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years. but before the victory, there was disappointment. >> i was under the impression for at least two or three days that i would come in second and i failed. >> reporter: it wasn't until three days later. >> and they said, you know, the woman cheated and you are declared the winner. >> reporter: boytano went on to win the next two beta breakers. to this day, she is the only woman to win that race and the dipsy. she over found herself on the cover of a book. >> isn't that hysterical? >> reporter: this year, she is returning to the scene of one of her earliest races. >> we take it serious. >> and here at kron4, we also take the race seriously. we are airing the entire event starting at 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning. you'll see the entire cast of prime characters. we'll be along the course. for those of you who want to
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sleep in, kron4 well replay a replay at 7:00 p.m. fog expected bay areawide overnight and then tomorrow afternoon, cooler temperatures will follow through. take a look in the morning, temperatures more mild than what we saw today. the cloud cover is spilling over into the bay shores and by 4:00 in the afternoon, temperatures cooling several degrees over today. in the upper 60s instead of being in the upper 70s that we saw today in our inland valleys and even up in the north bay. here's a look at fog tracker. by 6:00, widespread pog, but dense fog closer to the coastline. fog is going to stick close to the coastline throughout the day. 10:00 in the morning, patchy fog for the north bay and our bay shores, dense fog coastside and it's not budging. into the 3:00 hour, still seeing the fog hugging the coastline which will affect temperatures along the coast. you're not going to get out of the 50s tomorrow. 58 in san francisco, look at
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the cooldown for our delta and inland valley locations, back into the 60s for the most part. 71 in antioch, 55 along the coast and half moon bay and mainly upper 70s down in the south bay. let's bring you that forecast sunday. it's looking more and more likely we'll see rain on sunday morning, lighty and cool conditions, obviously. so the runners, the serious runners are going to like this because it's going to be cool. 49 degrees at the start line, 52 degrees at hay street hill and really not warming all that much into the finish line, 55 degrees but again, light rain expected throughout the race and into the evening on sunday. here's a look at your extended forecast, not a whole lot of change over the next few days, temperatures up and down a little bit, the foggy mornings and warmer afternoons and as we head into the weekend, cooler temperatures as that storm pushes in. looks most likely for us to see rain starting about 3:00 on sunday lasting all the way through sunday evening. in sports, the sharks try to finally close out the red wings and avoid a series- deciding game seven in san jose. and the giants continue to
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deliver their 2011 version of torture. gary's next with all of the sports. and if you want to win tickets to game seven of the sharks-red wings
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good evening everybody. the sharks and detroit are going seven. tonight, patrick marleau not bad, not good. still is not registered for a point. sharks and red wings, nobody scores through two periods, and then logan couture just barely passed howard, just barely. they reviewed it as 1-0. but from there, detroit, back they come. zeddenburg beat niemi. niemi was terrific in goals. standing on his head, he had 42 saves but as you see here, detroit a couple of minutes later scores one, and then the
12:55 am
empty-netter. helm puts it in. sharks winning the first three have now lost the last three. final score tonight in detroit, 3-1, series is even at three. >> the performance tonight was disappointing. one team skated. the other people did not skate at all. >> 25 other teams are glad to be in position to be honest with you. we're going to try to do it in front of our home fans. >> we want to get on the plane and get going. we want to get home and restock the energy tank, if you will and find our legs and let's get skating. >> all right, the sharks outshot 45-25, but pam, we do have good news. kron4 continuing to give. you go to our facebook page, the blogger is in here now setting it up, go to the kron4 facebook page, you can win tickets to game seven on thursday night. >> i know, i just said that.
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>> did you just say it, too? >> you were not listening to me. >> then -- the guy just came over me -- you just said it? >> you can't tell them enough. go to the facebook page, gary. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> she just said it andeverybody's yelling at me, facebook, facebook, facebook. >> say it more than once. >> all right. >> 6:00 start, thursday at san jose arena. tim lincecum doing his stuff tonight, torres activated along with mark derosa, the giants, hey, they have two walkoff wins all right on this homestand and nobody was going to score off lincecum. he has now thrown 17 consecutive scoreless innings, eight innings, four hits, no runs, nine ks, ian kennedy equally brilliantly, eight innings, no runs, eight ks, bottom nine, a pinch runner and here's why the giants kept him, boom. steal second, and then a couple of batters later, cody process
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is going to line one down the line and that's it. lincecum, no-decision, brian wilson wins his third game as he comes in, pitches one inning, giants walk off again. they win their four straight, 1- 0 over the diamondbacks. the rangers got in the as's way tonight. ron washington, no hamilton, no cruz, the team that went, of course, to the world series only to lose to the giants struggling, but adrian beltre goes type. there was a 59-minute rain delay and when they came back, not much more help for the oakland athletics as michael young, batting cleanup first time in his career, he comes through and that's it. the rangers are 7-2 winners over the oakland as. and in the nba playoffs, chicago wins so they lead atlanta 95-83, but, of course, the big news, go to the kron4 facebook page and win two
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